Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beneficial Stones for Pregnancy

Beneficial Stones for Pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy there are many stages that a woman’s body travels through. From water retention to Braxton-Hicks, some can be amazing to downright painful. We’ve composed a list of some stones that can help during pregnancy, labor, and post-partum.

Chalcedony – Assists in fostering maternal instincts and promotes increased lactation.

Chrysocolla – This is an excellent woman stone. Used in the treatment of PMS and menstrual cramps.

Jade – Brings comfort and relief during the process of childbirth.

Malachite – Resonates with the female sexual organs. It facilitates easy childbirth, helps with contractions, and relieves menstrual cramps.

Moonstone – A good all around woman’s stone. Helps with PMS, conception, all stages of pregnancy, aids in childbirth, and stimulates milk production for nursing. Moonstone is commonly placed on the Solar Plexus during pregnancy.

Moss Agate – Helps lessen the pain during labor, and helps ensure a smooth delivery. It assists with eliminating post-partum depression.

Opal - Used to ease the pains of childbirth. Helps alleviate the stresses and pains of PMS. Dark Opals are used to relieve menstrual cramps.

Peridot – When placed the abdomen, peridot will strengthen contractions while lessening the pain.

Unakite – Used to aid in promoting a healthy pregnancy, and is placed on the Solar Plexus.

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