Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Not sure how this happened but this is what I saw as I got home from work the other night....

Thursday, June 16, 2011


My alter in the living room

And my personal alter..

Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming of Age female

> East: I am the East. I am the spirit of youth and
> childhood. This is a time which will never come to
> you again in this life, but it must be left behind
> with wisdom and grace. Remember that a true woman is
> curious and intelligent. She seeks out knowledge and
> explores her world. Most important: a true woman
> seeks to know and understand her self.
> Do you understand what I say to you?
> Answer
> I offer both a challenge and gift:
> I challenge you to think before you speak. Use the
> intellect the Old Ones gave you. Keep silent when
> silence is best. Speak when words have meaning, and
> not before.
> I give to you a gift: the gift of laughter. Laughter
> is born of youth: take it with you into the world. Laugh in the midst of your pain and trial in this
> world, and let laughter work its Magicks on you
> always.
> Do you accept the challenge with the gift?
> Answer.
> South: I am the South. I am the spirit of sexuality
> and passion, and strength! I am sex and lust. I
> cannot be denied, only hidden. People who fear me,
> mask me in shame. People who abuse me, abuse themselves, by having no
> honor for themselves. True women allow themselves the
> freedom to explore my ecstasy, but remember that
> passion is not blind nor aimless. True women
> understand that there is a proper place and season for
> love and sex. Remember to allow yourself the freedom
> to love your own sexuality, but keep in mind that you
> must shield yourself, against disease and children
> conceived before you are ready to mother them. The
> first act of sexuality is to love your own self and
> your own body. Do you understand what I say to you?
> Answer.
> I offer both a challenge and a gift:
> Your challenge is to remember that part of sexuality
> is passion: I challenge you to be assertive. A true
> woman will speak her mind quietly and with
> determination, without trying to control or bully
> others.
> Your gift is this: I give you the freedom to love
> yourself. Explore your own thoughts and feelings of
> sexuality, long before you prepare to share it with
> another. A true woman does not prove herself by
> losing her maidenhead or by bearing a child. A true
> woman values herself as a treasure, and chooses
> carefully the time and place she will share her
> sexuality with another.
> Do you accept the challenge along with the gift?
> Answer.
> West: I am the West. I am the spirit of moods and
> intuition, highly prized by women! I am the rhythm of
> motherhood, the pulse of the ocean tides and the
> moon's cycle. I am the symbol of fertility. Remember
> that Mother is the first name for the Goddess. I am
> also the place of great responsibility: the great
> teacher. Remember that a true woman does not have to
> bear a child to be a mother, but that a true woman is,
> like the Mother, compassionate. A true woman cares
> about others: she tends the heart and souls of those
> she loves. A true woman is sympathetic and loving
> and strong. She knows that love is not easy, and
> sometimes is even painful, and this she accepts with
> grace and love. Do you understand what I say to you?
> Answer.
> I offer you both a gift and a challenge:
> The gift I give you is the same as the challenge: open
> yourself up to love and share your heart with others. Give your love and kindness to others. Accept love
> and kindness from others in return.
> Do you accept both the gift and the challenge?
> Answer.
> North: I am the North. I am the darkness of the
> tomb, the silence of the grave, and the keeper of the
> crossroads. I am the crossroads to which you have
> come. Remember that a true woman does not fear to
> move forward. Remember that a true woman chooses her
> path, and walks bravely down it, despite her fears. You have reached a crossroads in your life, and it
> will only be first of many. Do you understand what I
> say to you?
> Answer.
> I offer you both a gift and challenge:
> The gift I give you is the gift of secrecy. Women are
> secrets, full of mystery. They carry the mystery of
> bloodflow, and the miracle of life within their
> bodies.
> I also give you this challenge: Do not be a gossip or
> a tattletale. True women do not need to make trouble
> for others, and do not need to tell stories for now
> reason. Learn to be grounded. Learn to respect
> yourself enough not to care what others do if it does
> no harm to you or others.
> Do you accept both gift and challenge together?
> Answer.
> Center: I am the Center. I am pride, self-respect,
> honesty, and honor. Without these things you will
> never truly be a woman. Honor always your word, keep
> what trusts are given to you. Do not be malicious or
> cruel without need to others. Do what you have to, in
> order to survive, but do not act out of greed or rash
> anger.
> Do you understand what I say to you?
> Answer.
> I am both the challenge and gift of womanhood: Honor
> is the right of every woman. Keeping that honor is
> the task of every woman. You have the right to be
> respected until you lose that right. Act without
> honor and you lose our respect and will have to
> struggle to gain it again.
> Do you accept both this gift and this challenge?
> Answer.