Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stop it PETA!

I understand PETA is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals but I guess that doesn't include our children. First I have real problems with this group for the pain and suffering they cause my child. Ok she is vegetarian thanks to you. Maybe she started this lifestyle thanks to you but stuck to it cause she is the true animal lover.

When the area teen drown the rabbits and posted the pictures to facebook. (I want to know why the manager that took the pictures was charged with anything!!) The PETA supporters post stories and comments about her that was threatening her life and called her every name in the book acting like she should have a scarlet letter on her chest. Really PETA she did something horrible; but to paint her a sexual deviant really is slander. But the sad thing is this young woman would have to have her sex life on trail too if she chooses to sue. AND you know that; don't you. Oh I guess I also hate the whole thing that when you get pissed off a woman it is ok to call her a whore or c&nt. Right?

Or the time that they protested McDonald's. They had bloody plastic chicken, a packet of blood, and a t-shirt. AND they were handing them out to children. Children sometimes will help change the parents minds but most of the time parents will NOT like you messing with their children.

The new anger driving campaign is they decided to go outside a Cleveland area elementary school. News Chanel 5 report here. They had a hurt elephant costumed protester and god knows what else. Yea but they where met by a group of school volunteers and the Cleveland police department. Yea Northeastern Ohio parents don't like when you mess with our babies.

Please keep up the cute ads for animal awareness the I rather go naked then wear fur. Ink not Mink........ BUT leave the children alone.

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dharson said...

I have to say I glad my children don't hear or see al those things PETA does. I won't be happy also!
You are so right!