Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dad I need more money

Yea think about it if the car industry and banks where to have to beg for more money. They went to congress to get more money so they wouldn't be out of business. I have these crazy thoughts going threw my mind, I have to let them out. It makes me so mad the money they got they just pissed away. Promising to change and try to get more green products... yea yea we have heard that BS before.

So they go to congress to beg for money, kinda like your teen-ager would ask for more money. Dad I need more money for books and stuff....... we need POOR congressmen and congresswomen! Cause you know poor parents wouldn't be able to send their kid to college in the first place but when they would ask for more money the parents would answer: Get a job! Or No before the whole thing came out of their mouths. Sorry Jr. I don't have the 500 million for your school, I don't have the $50 for the water bill. Better yet if they where middle class, they still would say get a job! Sorry Jr. my job isn't so strong right now we are going to cut some corners and you have to find the money somewhere...

then what do you think they do if they found out Jr. went to Cancun with the money? Oh that where you better hope that it wasn't a single momma that gave you money. She come over as you are getting out of the car dressed in her good will or GW for short; outfit that she has had since you where 5 and smack you up side your head. Have a good time in Cancun??? HUH smart ass? WTF where you thinking ! LIE to me! (a couple more smacks) College books my ASS. Didn't I tell you to get a job? Oh NO you are paying me back EVERY penny hear me Jr??

Couldn't you see if we called these companies back to congress to explain WHY they were in this mess and make them beg more then they did. I promise Dad I will mow the yard for like the whole summer............. Ok I will wash the car too...... AH Dad........ Ok plus clean out the garage. AH man.......

I know I am twisted but that felt good!

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